Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky was born in the family of the Pereyaslavl prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich and was a grandson of the famous Vsevolod the Big Nest. He became famous as a skilful and successful commander and as a wise ruler and politician. Alexander Nevsky’s name is associated with successful military opposition to the Swedes (the battle at the mouth of the Izhora River in 1240, when Novgorod Prince Alexander Yaroslavich defeated the Swedes and received his nickname “Nevsky”), the German Teutonic Order (the famous Ice Battle of 1242) and the Lithuanians. By his military victories Prince Alexander managed to stop the attack of western neighbours on Russian lands, and by skilful diplomatic activity – to restrain the aggression of the Golden Horde. He died in schema (the highest stage of Orthodox monasticism) with the name Alexis and was buried on 6 December (23 November O.S.) 1263 in the Vladimir Nativity Cathedral. His local veneration as a saint was established in 1380, when, as a result of a vision, his relics were found, from which miracles began to be performed. In 1547 Alexander Nevsky was glorified by the Russian Orthodox Church in the countenance of blessed princes. In Russia and all over the world today many monasteries, temples, chapels, temple chapels and other places of prayer are dedicated to him. One of them, the temple of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky in Lianozovo, is located in Moscow at 35, Abramtsevskaya Street.

Address: Moscow, Abramtsevskaya str., vl. 35