Monument to I.S. Turgenev and Pauline Viardot

Polina Viardot, a Spanish-French singer, vocal teacher and composer, who became the prototype of Consuelo in the novel by George Sand, occupied an important place in the life of the great Russian writer Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev. The meeting with Polina took place in the autumn of 1843 in St. Petersburg. Her voice, despite the imperfections in her appearance, left an indelible impression, and Turgenev began to follow her every performance. Their acquaintance led to a deep love, although Polina was married to the famous critic and art critic Louis Viardot. In his letter to Polina I.S. Turgenev admitted that her presence gave him self-respect: “… in all my life, there are no memories more precious than those that relate to you… I’ve come to respect myself since I’ve been carrying this treasure…” In memory of Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev and Polina Viardot, a monument created by Moscow sculptor Grigory Potocki has been erected, which is a unique composition filled with poetic charge and deep drama of the relationship between the Russian writer and the French singer. Located near the building of the MGIMO Russian Diplomatic University, the monument has become a symbol of their extraordinary love and art. The composition conveys not so much the physical similarity between Turgenev and Polina as the emotional depth and complexity of their connection. This work of art is an important element of cultural heritage, preserving the memory of the great Russian writer and his beloved. The monument has become not only an architectural decoration of the university complex, but also a place where you can relive the story of this amazing love and be inspired by the work of two outstanding creators.

Address: Moscow, Vernadsky ave., 76, building G