Anatoly Alekseevich


Anatoly Alekseevich Dorodnitsyn was the director of the Computing Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Hero of Socialist Labor. He is known as the author of many scientific papers in the fields of applied mathematics, atmospheric physics, and hydromechanics. He worked as the head of the seismic party of Oil Exploration Institute in Leningrad since 1932. Since 1934 he was the Head of the seismic party of the geological exploration office of the Turkmenneft Trust in Krasnovodsk. He worked at the Main Geophysical Observatory in Leningrad in 1935-1941 as a senior computer scientist, then senior researcher. At the same time in 1939-1940 he worked as the Associate professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics of Leningrad Mining Institute. He began publishing scientific articles in 1936. At first he worked in the field of geophysics and hydrodynamics. From 1941 to 1960 he worked at Central Hydroaerodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) as a Senior engineer, head of department, head of sector, deputy head of laboratory, scientific director of laboratory. The main area of the scientist’s work was aerodynamics: problems of the theory of the boundary layer in a compressible gas, the vortex theory of the wing, supersonic flow around bodies of rotation. He created the theoretical foundation of high-speed aerodynamics. Dorodnitsyn’s works in the war and post-war period found practical application in piston and jet aviation. In the late 1940s, together with S.P. Korolev he worked on the problems of rocket technology, in particular on the study of asymmetric supersonic gas flows. For many years, Anatoly Alekseevich Dorodnitsyn was the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics («ZHVMIMF»), founded by him in 1960 at the VC RAS. In 1956, Dorodnitsyn joined the Initial composition of the USSR National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

Address: Moscow, Vavilova str., 40