Axel Ivanovich


Axel Ivanovich Berg is a radio scientist, the Chairman of the Scientific Council on the Complex Problem of «Cybernetics» at the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Admiral Engineer, the Hero of Socialist Labor. He studied at the refresher courses for the command staff of the fleet in the class of specialist submariners from March 1920 to August 1921. Axel Ivanovich Berg was appointed the commander of the submarine «Wolf» in August 1921, and in October of the same year he became the commander of the submarine «Snake». The team performed a huge amount of work in three months, commissioned the ship and prepared it for combat operations. «Snake» became the first submarine commissioned by the Soviet Navy. For outstanding achievements in labor, by order of November 28, 1922, he was awarded the title «Hero of Labor of a separate division of submarines of the Baltic Fleet». Simultaneously with his service in the Navy, he studied at the Electromechanical faculty of Petrograd Polytechnic Institute. In March 1922, due to injury and gas poisoning he was expelled from the active fleet and enrolled in the engineering faculty of Naval Academy by the decision of the medical commission. Axel Ivanovich Berg graduated from Naval Academy with honors in 1925. He was a lecturer at the Department of Radio Mechanics of Naval Engineering School since May 1925 and created a radio laboratory at the school and was engaged in scientific research in the field of radio in it. The first scientific publication was made in 1924. Also he was a scientific supervisor of the team for the creation of the first domestic radar systems «Blockade-1» and «Blockade-2», adopted into service. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he was evacuated with the academy to Astrakhan, and then to the city of Samarkand (Uzbek SSR) in 1942, continued to teach there until December 1944. He was appointed the Deputy Chairman of the Radar Committee under the USSR State Defence Committee, and after the reorganization in November 1945, he was appointed the first Deputy Chairman of the Radar Council under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR (until May 1947). Axel Ivanovich Berg continued to deal with the development of radio engineering and radar in the USSR in the postwar period. He developed theoretical issues that made it possible to create a methodology for calculating receiving-amplifying and transmitting devices, he was the initiator and organizer of many scientific studies.

Address: Moscow, Gubkina str., 4