Ivan Danilovich


Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky was a Soviet military commander, army general, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. He was born in a stable boy’s family. In 1915-1919 he studied at the railway school. After the death of his parents from typhus he was forced to leave school, he was a railroad worker. In 1922 he joined the Komsomol, in 1924 he was sent to the Kiev Artillery School. In 1928 he became a member of the CPSU(b). After graduation, he served in an artillery regiment, commanded a platoon, battery. In 1936 he graduated from the Military Academy of Mechanization and Motorization of the Red Army and held the positions of a chief of staff, commander of a tank battalion, regiment, division. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he commanded a tank corps, division, army, distinguished himself in the Battle of Kursk at the crossing of the Desna and Dnieper. Since April 1944, he commanded the troops of the Western, then the 3rd Belorussian Fronts, becoming the youngest (37 years old) commander of the front during this war. For his skillful leadership of the troops and personal courage, Ivan Chernyakhovsky was twice (1943 and 1944) awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, had the military rank of army general. Participating in the defeat of the East Prussian Nazi group, he was mortally wounded. He was buried in Vilnius.

Address: Moscow, Chernyakhovsky str., 4