Ivan Stepanovich


Ivan Stepanovich Konev was a Soviet commander, military commander. He commanded the fronts in the Great Patriotic War. He was Marshal of the Soviet Union (1944), twice Hero of the Soviet Union (1944, 1945), Knight of the Order of Victory (1945). He was born in 1897 in the north of Russia in an ordinary peasant family. Due to the modest wealth of his relatives, he was educated only within the framework of the zemstvo school, and from the age of fifteen he had only seasonal work in the forestry industry. In the third year of the First World War, he was drafted into an artillery unit. After the revolution, the future marshal joined the Bolsheviks for ideological reasons and joined their party. At the beginning of the Civil War, he entered the Red Army and made a rapid career thanks to his military talents and the opportunities that opened up to him. For two decades, the former non-commissioned officer of the tsarist army worked his way up to the commander of the military district. Konev also graduated from Military Academy and was engaged in self-education in the military field. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he commanded the army with the rank of Lieutenant General. In the first year of the war, he was promoted to the post of commander of the front. He proved himself during the Moscow and Kursk battles, as well as the subsequent offensive on the territory of Ukraine, Germany and Czechoslovakia. The front under Konev’s command also took part in the final operation of the war – the Berlin one. After the end of the war, the marshal became the commander of a group of troops in Austria (1945-1946). Then he headed the Land Forces of the Soviet Union, additionally holding the post of Deputy Minister of Defence of the country until 1950. After that, within one year, Ivan Stepanovich Konev became the Deputy Minister of War, as well as chief inspector of the Soviet Army. From 1962 until his death in 1973, he was a member of the group of Inspectors General of the Ministry of Defence.

Address: Moscow, Marshal Konev str., 10 (territory of GBOU SOSH “School of Health” No. 738)