Nikolay Petrovich


Nikolay Petrovich Kamanin was born and grew up in the city of Melenki (now it is Vladimir region) in a large family. After graduating from the ninth year in 1927, he entered the Leningrad Military Technical School. He was sent to the Borisoglebsk Flight School in 1928. In 1929, he graduated from this school with the rank of junior military pilot and was assigned to the 40th Special Aviation Squadron named after V.I. Lenin. In 1934, at the head of an aviation detachment, he took part in the rescue of Chelyuskin residents, for which he was awarded the title of «Hero of the Soviet Union». At the end of 1940, he was appointed commander of the aviation brigade in Tashkent with simultaneous execution of the post of commander of the SAVO Air Force. For about six months he commanded the air division (Ashgabat), which participated in the Iranian company in 1941. After the settlement of the situation in Iran, Kamanin was appointed Deputy Commander of the SAVO Air Force. In 1942 Kamanin was summoned to Moscow, formed an assault air division, with which he fought as part of the 1st assault Corps on the Kalinin Front. In February 1943, he formed the 8th Mixed Aviation Corps (it was renamed the 5th SHAK), with which he fought on the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts. For military merits, the aviation units of the corps received 44 commendations from the Supreme Commander-in-Chief 44 times. N.P. Kamanin was awarded 7 orders and 4 medals. He commanded the 5th Assault Air Corps. He participated in the Belgorod-Kharkov, Kiev, Korsun-Shevchenko, Lviv-Sandomierz, Budapest and Vienna operations. He commanded the air army, he was a deputy. He was a Chief of the Air Force General Staff. After the war, N.P. Kamanin worked in the Management of the Civil Air Fleet. He headed the Voluntary Society for the Promotion of Aviation. He graduated from the Academy of the General Staff. He commanded the aviation of the Turkestan Military District. Since June 1966, he led the training of astronauts. He put a lot of work into organizing the construction of the Star City and forming the staff of the Cosmonaut Training Centre.

Address: Moscow, Serafimovicha str., 2