Heroes of the Soviet Union V.A. Belyaev, V.P. Lebedev, A.I. Afanasyev, M.А. Balyasin studied and worked at this school

Many schools remembered the heroic graduates in previous epoch and some of them bear their names nowadays. But often the only mention of the feat is gathering dust in the museum corner. It is difficult to guess how much the situation will change. At the very least, the names of the heroes now have more chances to interest students in their feat. During the Great Patriotic War, the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to more than 11,600 people. One of them covered the embrasure with his body, someone directed a burning plane at enemy troops, someone, dying, blew up German tanks. Stories of courage will now be stories about a schoolboy who had studied several decades before in the same class.

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