Ivan Danilovich


Ivan Danilovich Fionov was the commander of the sanitary platoon of the 360th Rifle Regiment of the 74th Rifle Division of the 13th Army of the Central Front, junior lieutenant of the medical service, the Hero of the Soviet Union.
In 1937, at the end of the 7th grade, he moved to Moscow, where he entered paramedic-obstetric school located in Mytishchi. After finishing school in 1940, Ivan Fionov worked as a paramedic at the S.P. Botkin Hospital, in the same year he entered Moscow Medical Institute. In 1941 the war began. Ivan Danilovich in August 1941 was called up by the May Day military enlistment office, received the rank of paramedic and appointed commander. At the front in the Great Patriotic War since May 1942, fought in various sectors of the front; under enemy fire, he assisted wounded soldiers and commanders on the battlefield and skillfully organized their evacuation. In one of the battles he was wounded and concussed, but he was not in the hospital for long. The commander of the sanitary platoon of the 360th infantry regiment, junior lieutenant of the medical service Ivan Fionov, after crossing the Dnieper River on September 23, 1943 near the village of Komarin, now an urban-type settlement of the Braginsky district of the Gomel region of Belarus, participated in the seizure of a bridgehead on the right bank. Together with the soldiers, the paramedic repelled six enemy attacks. He was wounded, but remained in the ranks. He carried out the wounded commander of the rifle company from the battle. On September 29, 1943 I. D. Fionov died. He was buried in the village of Chapaevka, Chernobyl district, Kiev region of Ukraine.

Address: Moscow, May 9, ul., 26