Mark Lazarevich


Mark Lazarevich Gallay was an aviation test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Doctor of Technical Sciences, writer. In 1935 he graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and the pilot school of the Leningrad Aero Club, from 1936 he was in practice at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI), from 1937 he worked as an engineer for flight tests of aircraft. Since 1953 he had flown gliders and skydived at the Leningrad Aero Club. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War, deputy squadron commander of the bomber aviation regiment. After the war he served as a test pilot, mastered more than 120 types of aircraft, helicopters and gliders. He worked as a senior researcher at the Flight Research Institute (LII) (1958-1975). He was Deputy Chairman of the Methodological Council of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR for flight tests (since 1959), methodologist engineer of the first cosmonaut detachment (1960-1961). One of the minor planets No. 5719 was named after M.L. Gallay. He was awarded three Orders of Lenin, four Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of the Patriotic War of the first degree, the Orders of the Red Star and the Badge of Honor, medals and other awards.

Address: Moscow, Granatny lane, 2, p. 2