Memorial complex to the workers of the plant «Salyut»

On April 26, 1942 by Order No. 192 of the People’s Commissar of the Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR, Plant No. 703 was established, which later became known as the FSUE “State Moscow Plant “Salyut”. Since its establishment, the Salyut plant has successfully solved the tasks of strengthening the country’s defence capability. The first products of the plant were shells for mine barriers and powder chambers for rockets of the legendary Katyusha multiple launch rocket system. Katyusha mortars played an important role in the Great Patriotic War: they became one of the world’s first modern multiple launch rocket systems and were designed to destroy enemy manpower and equipment in a large area with massive volleys. Due to the high efficiency of use and simplicity in production, Katyusha was widely used at the front, the systems had a significant impact on the course of hostilities.Since 1944 the company had begun producing products that became its main products in subsequent years — radar stations (radars), surveillance and control systems for firing naval artillery. Today, the “Salyut” production complex of ODK JSC creates engines for Russian aircraft, combining the design bureau and production in its structure. This modern, high–tech enterprise is the pride of the domestic aircraft engine industry. The memorial complex, installed in memory of the dead workers of the Salyut plant, consists of a stele lined with slabs of red granite. A stele is installed on a granite pedestal. Memorial plaques with the names of the deceased factory workers are fixed on the inclined part of the pedestal. In front of the monument there is a metal composite element stylized as a manhole cover with an ornament of laurel leaves with a dedicatory inscription: “To factory workers who fell in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”

Address: Moscow, Budennogo Ave., 16