Memorial plaque in memory of the sailors of a separate naval detachment that defended Moscow in the Great Patriotic War

Patronage of the Memorial plaque on the building of the Khamovniki barracks to the Sailors of a special separate naval detachment that defended Moscow during the Great Patriotic War, the detachment was formed in October 1941. “To protect important land areas on October 18, 1941, the GKO decided to form twenty-five naval rifle brigades. The sailors were a part of six separate naval rifle brigades, a Moscow separate detachment of sailors and a Special artillery group. The total number of sailors who participated in battles on land during the Great Patriotic War reached 450 thousand people (of which more than 350 thousand in 1941-1942). About 50 thousand people participated in the battle near Moscow. The main headquarters of the Navy allocated about 40 thousand sailors who formed the backbone of these formations. The involvement of military sailors for battles on land was a logical continuation of the navy’s combat traditions. Thus, the 1st Moscow separate detachment of sailors, commanded by A.V. Rogov (Commissar N.V. Belyavsky) was formed on November days in the capital. It also included the security units of the central departments of the People’s Commissariat of the Navy. The detachment was formed in the Khamovniki barracks. On the blue–and-white Banner of the naval brigade, the words “The first separate Naval Detachment” were embroidered in gold.”

Address: Moscow, Komsomolsky Ave., 20, p. 1