Memorial Stone to military men from Zelenograd

Rovesnik Park appeared on the territory of Zelenograd in 1981, it was laid out by the pioneers of Zelenograd and the All-Union Pioneer Rally. Initially it was called “Pionersky”. Located in the 5th microdistrict, the park has a relatively small size (5 hectares). The park is equipped with walking paths, there are also sports and children’s playgrounds on the territory, which makes it an attractive place for pleasant pastime of local residents. The heart of the park is a memorial stone boulder rising in its centre. This monument is dedicated to the citizens of Zelenograd who died while fulfilling their military duty in peacetime. Installed on the initiative of the mothers of the fallen soldiers in 2005, the monument serves as an eternal reminder of the sacrifice and patriotism of those who gave their lives for freedom and peace. The feat of the brave defenders of the Motherland is timeless and has forever become a symbol of national pride and endless spiritual strength. Their courage and selflessness remain an eternal source of pride for the residents of Zelenograd. The memory of them inspires us to overcome obstacles on the way to prosperity. May their bravery and devotion always shine brightly, reminding us of the price of freedom and peace for which they gave their lives.

Address: Moscow, Zelenograd, Rovesnik Park