Memorial to the workers of the grain base №31, who died during the Great Patriotic War

During the Great Patriotic War, when enemy troops invaded the territory of the USSR, every corner of our Motherland became a battlefield. In the hardest times, not only professional soldiers, but also ordinary people – workers of plants and factories, collective farmers and workers of bread bakeries, including Bread Bakery No. 31, were sent to the front. Each of our defenders, whether a steelworker, a conveyor belt worker or a reaper, took a great responsibility – to defend not only his family and home, but also the whole country from the enemy, whose aim was to destroy everything we loved and cherished. Women, teenagers and pensioners replaced the men who had gone to the front in industry and transport. In 1942, more than 40 per cent of Moscow’s workers were women and teenagers. Thanks to them, during the Battle of Moscow, the capital’s enterprises put 1,000 tanks and armoured vehicles back into service. The Soviet artillery fired 87 million shells and mines at the enemy, assembled by the hands of Moscow’s workers. Every eighth Soviet aircraft and every third submachine gun of the Great Patriotic War came from the capital’s factories. Among the many names of those who left the factories and plants for the front, each one became a symbol of courage and heroism, and their exploits became an eternal light, illuminating the way for future generations. The Monument to the Workers of Bread Factory No. 31 is not just a stone structure. It is a symbol of eternal memory, a symbol of gratitude for bravery and devotion, a symbol that true heroes live in the hearts of people and continue to inspire us for good and justice.

Address: Moscow, Projected ave. № 6631