Monument to the medical heroes of the Great Patriotic War

During the Great Patriotic War, this building housed a hospital for wounded soldiers of the Soviet Army. Over the years of the war, thanks to the medical staff, more than 70% of the wounded and more than 90% of the sick fighters returned to service. 116 thousand doctors were awarded orders and medals. 47 of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union, including 17 women. Doctors and nurses who worked in hospitals performed a real feat, in memory of which there is a monument on the territory of Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov. It is dedicated to the students and staff of the Academy (then called the 1st Moscow Medical Institute) who died in the Great Patriotic War. The sculptor is Lev Efimovich Kerbel, the architect is Boris Ivanovich Thor. The monument is made of red granite cross-shaped, symbolizes the Red Cross. There is a bas–relief depicting a wounded soldier and a nurse assisting him in the centre of the composition. Restoration work at the facility was carried out in 2015.

Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya str., 2