Monument to the internationalist soldiers

The monument to the internationalist soldiers in Victory Park was erected in 2004. It is dedicated to all military personnel participating in armed conflicts outside our country. Understanding of the need to erect a monument in honour of our heroic soldiers who performed international duty in Korea (1950-1953), Hungary (1956), Vietnam (1961-1974), Egypt (intermittently in 1962-1975), Syria (intermittently in 1967-1982), Afghanistan (1978-1989) and other countries, came in the zero years of the XXI century. The opening of the bronze monument was timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan in 1979. The ceremony was attended by Afghan veterans from various units, including those who stormed Amin’s Taj-bek Palace. A four-meter bronze figure of a soldier in camouflage uniform with a helmet in his left hand and a submachine gun in his right is mounted on a red granite pedestal with bas-reliefs. A fighter after completing a military operation stands on a cliff and looks intently into the distance. The memorial was made by a group of authors, including the sculptor S.A. Shcherbakov, the architect Yu. P. Grigoriev. The monument was created on the initiative of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation with the support and funds of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as donations from Russian organizations of veterans of the Afghan War and personal contributions of internationalist soldiers of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Address: Moscow, Victory Park