Monument to the soldiers of the Anti-Hitler Coalition

The monument was opened on May 7, 2005 on the Alley of Partisans of Victory Park. Its sculptors are Mikhail Pereyaslavets, Sergey Shcherbakov and Salavat Shcherbakov. The architect is Alexander Kuzmin. This is a 20-meter stele made of white marble, topped with the UN emblem. There is a pedestal on which four bronze figures of soldiers of the USSR, the USA, Great Britain and France rise at the foot of the stele. There are two granite cubes in front of the stele, which briefly describe the history of the creation of the anti-Hitler coalition and the formation of the UN. The anti-Hitler coalition was an association of several states that fought against Germany, Japan and Italy. In January 1942, the Anti-Hitler Coalition consisted of 26 states. The number of coalition members increased during the war. The participation of the countries was of a different nature: someone directly participated in the fighting, someone helped with military equipment and food. The greatest contribution to the victory over fascism was made by the army of the USSR, they were seriously supported by the military forces of the United States, Great Britain and France. The anti-Hitler coalition played an important role in world history and became the foundation of the United Nations.

Address: Moscow, Victory Park