Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia

The Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia is located at 24k3c3, Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya Street. This is a historical museum in Moscow dedicated to the heroes of the USSR and modern Russia. The museum was created on the initiative of the Regional Public Fund for the Support of Heroes of the Soviet Union names after General E.N. Kocheshkov and the Russian Federation in accordance with the Order of the Moscow Government. In 2007 the museum became a part of the panorama museum “The Battle of Borodino” as a department. The museum’s funds include more than 4,300 items. Initially, in 2001 the “Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation and Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory” was created. The museum was opened on March 20, 2002 building 1, 5th floor, at 17, Krzhizhanovsky str. However, after the opening, there were suggestions that such a museum should have a decent room. The decision on the selection of premises for the museum was initiated by the Prefect of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow, V.Y. Vinogradov. In 2004 a new room was found (the former club of the Cheremushkin Ceramic Factory at the address: 24 building, 3, Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya str.). Construction work began, which was completed at the end of 2006. The museum’s activities are aimed at establishing the continuity of martial traditions and preserving the historical memory of the Russians. In addition to excursion work, the museum hosts “Lessons of Courage” — meetings of young people with veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, participants in military operations in Afghanistan and anti-terrorist operations in Chechnya. Thematic exhibitions are organized in the museum, communication is maintained with the relatives of the Heroes, military-patriotic organizations and search teams.

Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya str., 24, building 3