Nikolay Ilyich


Nikolay Ilyich Kamov was the chief designer of the experimental design bureau of helicopter construction No. 2. The first autogyro plant in the USSR was organized at the Ukhtomskaya station near Moscow on his initiative in 1940. Nikolai Kamov was appointed its director and chief designer. In the autumn of 1941, the Kamov plant was evacuated to the Northern Urals. The main focus of work was the modernization of Lend-Lease A-50 bombers. The plant was liquidated in 1943. Nikolai Kamov defended his dissertation, published a book about autogyros and was engaged in consulting activities at the Moscow Aviation Institute, together with B.N. Yuryev developed the project of a single-rotor helicopter «Yurka», which was not built. Since 1945 he had worked at TsAGI. Nikolai Kamov managed to get a government assignment to build a «flying motorcycle» (single-seat helicopter) Ka-8 for the Navy (Navy) in 1946, which he managed to assemble almost manually and demonstrate at the parade in Tushino in 1948. After this success, in October of the same 1948, a decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR created experimental Design Bureau (OKB-2), and Kamov was appointed its chief designer. From 1952 to 1964 Kamov Design Bureau carried out the development, construction and testing of a combined helicopter aircraft (tiltrotor or otherwise rotorcraft) Ka-22 by order of the Air Force. Four of these unique machines were built, in 1961 8 world records were set on the Ka-22: speeds along a 100 km route (336.76 km/h) and lifting various commercial cargo (up to 16.485 tons) to a height of up to 2588 m. Simultaneously with the Ka-22, Kamov completed the project of the Ka-25 anti-submarine helicopter to combat submarines, equipped with an onboard electronic complex, a lowered sonar station, radar and anti-submarine torpedoes or bombs.

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