Nikolay Petrovich


Nikolay Petrovich Osiev was the company commander of the 588th Rifle Regiment (142nd Red Banner Rifle Division, 115th Rifle Corps, 23rd Army, Leningrad Front), a senior lieutenant. In May 1940 he was conscripted into the Red Army by the Podporozhsky district military enlistment Office of the Leningrad Region. He participated in the battles of the Great Patriotic War since September 1941. He fought on the Leningrad Front and in the blockade ring for almost the entire siege of Leningrad. He acted bravely during the Vyborg offensive operation. In the battle of June 17, 1944, he secretly led his company along the burel and swamp, bypassing the powerful Finnish fortified point. By a sudden blow from the rear, the checkpoint was taken almost without losses. Nikolai Osiev showed courage and heroism during further offensive battles on the Karelian Isthmus (Vyborg-Petrozavodsk offensive operation). At dawn on July 9, 1944, after artillery training, his company advanced in the regiment under artillery, mortar and machine gun fire from Finnish troops crossed the Vuoksa River. When the enemy managed to smash several boats with Red Army soldiers, he organized the rescue of all the fighters who were in the water. Having landed on the shore occupied by the enemy, Osiev skillfully led the company in the battle to capture the bridgehead, several lines of trenches were taken. Considerable damage was inflicted on the enemy, up to 200 Finnish soldiers were killed. He was wounded in the head at the beginning of the battle, but did not leave the battlefield. In view of the heavy losses, the regiment commander took Osiev’s company into reserve and positioned it in the area of his command post. The captured prisoner showed that the Finnish command was accumulating forces for a counterattack against Soviet troops in the area. Senior Lieutenant Osiev volunteered to attack the enemy cluster. Having secretly made his way to the area indicated by the prisoners, Osiev actually found about 200 Finnish soldiers there. At his command, the company suddenly attacked the enemy, causing panic and putting him to flight, up to 50 enemy soldiers were killed in the battle. Throughout the next day of the battle on the bridgehead, Osiev skillfully commanded his company, which repelled 4 counterattacks of Finnish troops and held the captured lines. In January 1945, when Soviet troops broke through from the Narev bridgehead into East Prussia, he was wounded a second time. He met Victory in northern Germany with the rank of captain.

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