“To the soldiers of the 16th Air Division”

The monument was installed in memory of the soldiers of the 16th Air Division who participated in the Great Patriotic War. It is a metal obelisk with a red star on top. A metal panel with the inscription is attached to it: “To the soldiers of the 16th VA and the residents of the micro district who fell during the Great Patriotic War.” The obelisk is located on a low base lined with concrete tiles. It is located on the territory of the educational building “Ushakovsky” “School No. 1324” of Moscow (former School No. 795 of Moscow). Repair work at the facility was carried out in 2015. From the moment of its creation until the last day of the war, the 16th Air Army constantly operated as a part of one front, which in different periods had the names: Stalingrad, Donskoy, Central, Belorussian and 1st Belorussian Front. The 16th Air Army took an active part in such major front-line operations as Stalingrad, Oryol-Kursk, Sevskaya, Gomel-Rechitsa, Kalinkovichi-Mozyr, Rogachev, Bobruisk, Norva, Prague, Warsaw-Poznan, Pomeranian, Berlin. Every third aviation regiment of the 16th VA became Guards. The contribution of the aviators of the 16th VA to the Victory is huge. Participating in battles with the enemy in the main strategic directions, they destroyed 5,700 aircraft, 859 of them on the ground, 3,536 tanks, over 173 thousand enemy soldiers and officers.

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