Pavel Osipovich


Sukhoi Pavel Osipovich was a Chief designer of the State Experimental Plant No. 51 (OKB-51) of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR, General Designer of OKB-51 of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR, one of the founders of the national school of jet and supersonic aviation, the twice Hero of Socialist Labor. Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi was a head of the brigade number 4 AGOS TsAGI in 1930-1932. Also, he was the head of the joint Brigade No. 3 of TsAGI («Light Aircraft») of the design department of experimental aircraft construction of TsAGI from May 1932 to May 1936. In May 1936 he became deputy head of the design bureau of the TsAGI Experimental Design Plant, which was separated from TsAGI and transferred to Kharkov to aircraft factory №135 in 1939. Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi was a Chief designer of OKB-135 in Kharkov in 1939-1940. He was the chief designer of the Design Bureau of Aircraft factory 289, based at a number of enterprises in Moscow and the Moscow region in 1940-1949. He also held the position of director of these enterprises since November 1940. The aircraft factory was evacuated to Molotov (now Perm) during the Great Patriotic War. After the war it was located in the town of Tushino (now it is district of Moscow). The Design Bureau was liquidated after the loss of an experienced Su-15 interceptor fighter in a test flight (the same name was given later to another aircraft developed by the team under the leadership of Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi in the early 1960s) in 1949. He worked as chief designer at the Tupolev Design Bureau in 1949-1953. Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi was a General designer of the recreated Design Bureau a since 1956 and participated in the design of the aircraft ANT-3 «Proletarian» (first flight was made in 1925), TB-1 (1925), PS-9 (1929), TB-3 (1930), R-7 (1930). Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi worked on fighters I-4 (1927), I-14 (1933), long-range bomber DB-2 (1935), aircraft ANT-25 («Range Record», 1933) and ANT-37 bis «Rodina» (1938) under the general supervision of Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev.

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