«Requiem-1941» monument

The monument is installed on the console of the facade of the educational institution from the side of Nozhovyi Lane and consists of five bronze figures of dead volunteers-tenth graders (Yuri Divilkovsky, Igor Kuptsov, Igor Bogushevsky, Grigory Rodin and Gabor Raab) and a marble plaque with the names of 100 students and teachers of school No. 110 named after F. Nansen. The figures are portrayed. On the base of the monument is carved: “Be worthy of the memory of the died.” In 1968, at the All-Union art exhibition “50th anniversary of the Komsomol” in the Central Exhibition Hall, a graduate of school No. 110 D. Yu. Mitlyansky presented his sculpture “Requiem of the 41st year”, which he dedicated to the memory of comrades who died at the front. The students of the school came up with a proposal to install this monument in the school yard. The grand opening of the monument took place on June 22, 1971. In 1993 the monument was vandalized, after which the figures had to be moved to the school museum. To protect the monument from further acts of vandalism, sculptor D.Y. Mitlyansky and architect B.S. Markus developed a project for its reconstruction. The updated monument was installed on the wall of the school from the side of Nozhovyi Lane. The new monument is a smaller copy of the old one, its pedestal bears a more accurate quote from Robert Rozhdestvensky’s Requiem: “Be worthy of the memory of the died.”

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