Egor Grigoryevich


Egor Grigoryevich Larikov was the commander of the rifle company of the 305th separate Marine Battalion of the 83rd Novorossiysk-Danube twice Red Banner Order of Suvorov II degree of the 46th Army Marine Rifle Brigade of the 2nd Ukrainian Front, a captain. Egor Grigoryevich Larikov was born on April 20, 1923 in the village of Dronovka, the Grayvoronsky district, the Kursk province, now the Grayvoronsky district, the Belgorod region. In August 1941, by the Stalin district military enlistment office of the city of Grozny he was drafted into the Red Army. He graduated from the Makhachkala Military Infantry School in March 1942. Junior Lieutenant E.G. Larikov was a participant of the Great Patriotic War since March 1942. Throughout the war, he fought as a part of the 83rd Marine Rifle Brigade, formed from sailors of the Black Sea Fleet. In the spring of 1942, he fought as the platoon commander on the Crimean Front. In the summer of 1944, the 83rd Separate Marine Infantry Brigade was transferred to the operational subordination of the revived Danube Military Flotilla and then moved with it along the banks of the Danube to the west. Periodically, the brigade was subordinated to various armies of the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian fronts. In this campaign, the company commander, Senior Lieutenant E.G. Larikova participated in the Iasi-Kishinev operation, in battles on the territory of Romania and Yugoslavia. On December 3, 1944, in the area of the Yugoslav city of Opatovac, boats of the Danube Flotilla landed a large landing force from the Danube, as a part of which soldiers of the 83rd Marine Rifle Brigade and the 12th Army Corps of the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia fought shoulder to shoulder. For courage in the Opatovatsky and Vukovarsky landings, Senior Lieutenant E.G. Larikov was presented with the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union. He soon became a captain. For the courage and heroism shown at the front of the struggle against the Nazi invaders, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated April 20, 1945, Captain E.G. Larikov was awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal. In 1952 he graduated from M.V. Frunze Military Academy. Since 1952 he served as a Senior officer of the General Staff of the Navy. From 1956 to 1962, he served in various positions in the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany, including as a regimental commander. In 1967 he completed the Higher Central Officer Courses of the Civil Defence of the USSR, served in the headquarters of the Civil Defence of the country. Colonel E. G. Larikov was dismissed to the reserve in August 1973. Until 1983, he worked as an engineer, deputy head of the leading department at the All-Union Research Institute of Optical and Physical Measurements. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the medal “For Military Merit”, medals “For the Defense of the Caucasus”, “For the Liberation of Belgrade”, “For the capture of Budapest”, and other medals. Secondary special school No. 192 in Moscow was named after him (after the reorganization, the name was transferred to the successor – secondary school No. 90) in 2012.

Address: Moscow, 2nd Sandy str., 4A