Andrey Nikolayevich

1888 – 1972

Туполев Андрей Николаевич

Chief Designer of OKB-156 of the People’s Commissariat of the Aviation Industry of the USSR, General Designer of OKB-156 of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Hero of Labor, three times Hero of Socialist Labor.

Born on November 10, 1888 in the estate of Pustomazovo, Tver region. In 1908 he entered the Imperial Technical School and graduated with honors. Organizer and leader (together with N.E. Zhukovsky) of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). One of the organizers of the production of the first Soviet aviation alloy – chain-aluminum. In 1923, he created his first light aircraft of a mixed design (ANT-1), in 1924 – ANT-3, in 1925 – ANT-4 – which had no analogues in the world (it was produced as a TB-1 bomber). Under his leadership, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, fighters, passenger, transport, marine, special record-breaking aircraft were designed. Since 1930 – chief designer of TsAGI. An outstanding achievement of design thought were aircraft: ANT-7, TB-3, which was used in pre-war conflicts and in the Great Patriotic War. The creator of the unique years of the war was the revision of the Tu-2 (Pe-2) bomber. The TB-1, TB-3, TB-7, MTB-2, Tu-2 bombers, R-6 reconnaissance aircraft, G-4, G-5 torpedo boats also participated in the war. In 1955, the first Soviet passenger jet Tu-104 was created on the basis of the Tu-16 bomber. It was followed by the first turboprop intercontinental aircraft Tu-114, from 1957-1970. short and medium haul aircraft Tu-110, Tu-124, Tu-134, Tu-154, as well as passenger supersonic aircraft Tu-144. Tupolev’s aircraft became the basis of the Aeroflot company. Under the leadership of Tupolev, more than 100 types of aircraft were designed, 78 world records were set on his aircraft. Creator of an outstanding school of domestic aircraft construction, from which dozens of well-known designers came out. Was awarded various awards. Was awarded various awards. Lived in Moscow.

Address: Moscow, st. Radio, house 24, building 1