Anatoly Vladimirovich


Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov was an outstanding Russian ice hockey player and coach, and one of the founders of the Russian school of ice hockey. He was the USSR Champion in 1948-1950. He was the Honoured Master of Sports. He was the Honoured Coach of the USSR. He was born in Moscow. In 1937 Anatoly Tarasov entered the Higher School of Coaches at the Moscow Institute of Physical Education. In 1945 he was recommended by the legendary army football coach V.A. Arkadyev as a mentor in the Air Force Sports Club of the Moscow Military District. Thus A.V. Tarasov became the coach of the army teams in both ice hockey and football. The choice of the management was fully justified: A.V. Tarasov brought the team to the number of undoubted leaders. Two years later, in 1947, he was appointed as coach of the ice hockey team of the Central House of the Red Army (CDKA). The CDKA was subsequently renamed the CDSA (Central House of the Soviet Army) and later the CSKA (Central Sports Club of the Army). During that time A.V. Tarasov became the USSR Champion three times (1948-1950). In 1949 he was awarded the title of Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR. He showed his subordinates on the ice how to play this courageous and difficult game by his personal example. During his long sports career, he won a total of 100 games in the USSR championships and scored 106 goals. In 1957 A.V. Tarasov was awarded the title of Honoured Coach of the USSR, and in 1958 another burden was placed on his shoulders – heavy and responsible, but honourable. Since then, he was the coach of the USSR national team for fourteen years (1958-1960 and 1962-1972). Under his leadership, the USSR team won the World Cup nine times (1963-1971) and the Olympic Games three times (1964, 1968, 1962). A.V. Tarasov raised several dozen repeated world and Olympic champions. There is a memorial plaque on the house where A.V. Tarasov lived from 1949 to 1995.

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 75, building 1