Church of Xenia of St. Petersburg in Beryozovaya Alley

The Church of St. Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg in Ostankino is located in Moscow at territory 5/1, Berezyovaya Alley. Xenia of St. Petersburg is an Orthodox fool of noble origin who lived in St. Petersburg. Upon reaching the age of coming of age, Ksenia Grigorievna married a court singer, Andrei Fedorovich Petrov. After the sudden death of her husband, 26-year-old Ksenia chose the difficult path of foolishness. She donated her husband’s house to one of her friends, dressed in his clothes, answered only to his name and said that he was alive, but Ksenia died. After her husband’s clothes had decayed with time, she began to dress in a red sweater and a green skirt, or in a green sweater and a red skirt, and on her bare feet she wore torn shoes. Many offered her warm clothes and shoes, but blessed Xenia did not take anything. She wandered the streets all day, and spent her nights in the field, where she knelt in prayer until dawn, making prostrations on all four sides. Also, at night, Blessed Xenia carried bricks for the church under construction at the Smolenskoe cemetery. Xenia of St. Petersburg predicted the demise of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna and John Antonovich. With her gift of foresight, she helped people in their way of life and the salvation of their souls. Special well-being visited those to whom Blessed Xenia gave something. Blessed Xenia spent 45 years in foolishness and died at the very beginning of the XIX century. She was buried at the Smolenskoe Orthodox Cemetery in St. Petersburg. On September 24, 1978, Xenia of St. Petersburg was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church abroad. On June 6, 1988, after many years of popular veneration, Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg was canonized at the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Address: Moscow, Berezovaya alley, vl. 5/1