Church of the Iverian Icon of the Mother of God in Babushkino

The Iverian icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, or the Gatekeeper, or the Gatekeeper, is an Orthodox icon of the Virgin Mary with a Baby, revered as miraculous, belongs to the iconographic type of Hodegetria. The original is located in the Iversky Monastery on Mount Athos, in Greece. Since her miraculous appearance, she has never left the Holy Mountain. The surviving Greek legends are no older than the XVI century, Slavic legends are recorded in writing no earlier XV century. According to one of the legends, in the IX century, during the reign of Emperor Theophilus, in order to save the icon from the iconoclasts, the image was lowered into the sea by a woman who lived near the city of Nicaea. Two centuries later, the monks of the Georgian Iver monastery on Mount Athos saw an icon supported by a pillar of fire in the sea. The Monk Gabriel the Holy Mountaineer, having received instructions from the Mother of God in a dream, walked on water and brought the icon to the main temple of the monastery, but in the morning it was discovered above the gates of the monastery. Legend reports that this happened several times, so the icon was left at the gate and called the Gatekeeper, or Gatekeeper, and on behalf of the monastery — the Iversky Monastery — it received the name Iverskaya. Initially, the icon was located outside, in a kiosk directly above the entrance, but later it was placed in the chapel located at the gates of the monastery, in which it remains today. In the XVI century, the icon was decorated with a hammered silver salary made by Georgian craftsmen. The salary leaves open only the faces of the Virgin and the Virgin Child. According to legend, proclaimed by St. Nile the Myrrh-streaming posthumously in the XIX century, before the end of the world Athos will plunge into the abyss of passion. Then the icon will leave the Holy Mountain in the same miraculous way as it appeared. This will be one of the omens of the imminent Second Coming of the Savior and a sign for the Holy Mountaineers to leave Mount Athos. A temple has been erected in memory of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow.

Address: Moscow, Startovaya str., 6, building 1