9th Division of the People’s Militia of the Kirovskiy District of Moscow was Formed in This Building in 1941

The 9th Moscow Rifle Division of the People’s Militia of the Kirovskiy district was formed from July 3 to July 6, 1941. The division commander was Major General B.D. Bobrov (July 2, 1941-26 September 1941), military commissar – M.H. Prokhorov. The division was formed in the club of the RotFront confectionery factory at the address: 13/15, 2nd Novokuznetsk lane. Volunteers of the Kirovskiy district of Moscow, as well as factories and plants, such as the Krasnokholmskiy Combine and the plant named after Kalinin, the Paris Commune factory, the Plant of Precision Instrument and the Krasny Blok plant, Mosenergo, the tannery named after Telman, the Mospastkozh plant, the ribbon weaving factory, the Krasny Sukonschik factory, the Aviapromsnaba, the Stankonormal plant, the Rot Front factory, employees of the 1st model printing house were enlisted in the division. The division was incorporated into the 33rd Army on July 30, 1941. In September 1941, it erected defensive structures in the area of Maloyaroslavets and it was engaged in combat training. In mid-September, it moved to the area northeast of the city of Yelnya. There, on September 20, it was transferred to the 24th Army. On September 26, the number of the division was 11,540 people, including 821 middle and senior commanders, 1,328 junior commanders. A memorial plaque has been erected in memory of the formation of the 9th Division of the People’s Militia of the Kirovskiy district of Moscow.

Address: Moscow, 2nd Novokuznetsk lane, 13/15, p. 4