Aleksander Petrovich


Aleksander Petrovich Krylov was a Soviet geologist, specialist in the field of oil production, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He was born in the village of Tatevo, the Tver province (now it is the Oleninsky district, the Tver region). In 1926 he graduated from Leningrad Mining Institute, after graduation he worked at oil fields in Azerbaijan. Since 1929 he was the head of the drilling party at enterprises in the Donbass, and then – a senior engineer of the production department of the drilling trust on Sakhalin. Since 1932 he worked as a researcher at State Research Petroleum Institute in Moscow, at the same time he was a professor at the Department of Development and Operation of Oil Fields of Moscow Petroleum Institute. Since 1942 he was the head of a group in the Design and Research Bureau of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, since 1951 – a senior researcher at the All-Union Research Institute of Petroleum (VNIIneft), and since 1953 – the Deputy Director of the Institute. In 1949 he was awarded the academic title of Doctor of Technical Sciences without defending a dissertation. On October 23, 1953 he was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1960 Krylov headed the Institute. On November 26, 1968 he was elected a full member (academician) of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Since 1971 he was the Head of the Scientific Council of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the problems of oil field development. He was a member of the Higher Attestation Commission of the USSR, a member of the Bureau of the Department of Geology, Geography, Geochemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Oil field Development Section of the USSR National Oil Committee. He participated in many temporary commissions of the Main Committee on Science and Technology under the Council of Ministers of the USSR. He was a member of the State Expertise under the USSR State Planning Committee. The successes achieved by the oilmen of our country in the 1940-1970 years were largely due to the implementation of scientific ideas and developments of A.P. Krylov. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, three Orders of the Badge of Honor, the Lenin Prize – for a new system of oil field development using in–circuit flooding and its implementation at the largest in the USSR Romashkinskoye oil field, the Stalin Prize of the II degree in the field of science (1949) – for the work “Scientific fundamentals of oil field development”.

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