Alexander Viktorovich


Alexander Viktorovich Solomatin was a commander of the reconnaissance platoon of the 245th Rifle Regiment of the 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the 22nd Army of the North Caucasus Military District, the Lieutenant, the Hero of the Russian Federation. He was in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation since 1994. He graduated with honors from St. Petersburg Military Combined Arms Command School named after S.M. Kirov and was assigned to the training unit of the Moscow Military District to train junior specialists in 1998. He was transferred to the 27th separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Moscow Military District in 1999. When the order came to send officers to Chechnya, Lieutenant Alexander Solomatin was one of the first. He was assigned to the 245th Rifle Regiment of the 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the 22nd Army. Platoon commander Alexander Solomatin from October 13 to December 1, 1999 took part in a counter-terrorist operation on the territory of the Chechen Republic. On December 1, 1999, his unit fought in the area of Pervomaisky settlement. During the battle, he competently and skillfully organized the evacuation of the wounded. Thanks to his bold and decisive actions, the unit suffered minimal losses. However, the deputy commander of the regiment was mortally wounded. Despite the dense enemy fire, Guard Lieutenant Alexander Solomatin managed to organize the evacuation of the wounded commander from the battlefield, and he remained to cover the withdrawal of the group, inflicted maximum damage to the enemy, but was mortally wounded and died on the battlefield. He was buried in the hero city of Moscow at the Khovansky Central Cemetery. The following words are carved on his monument: «I lived and fought in the name of the Motherland. I am a Russian officer. I have the honor». By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 421 of February 21, 2000, for personal courage and heroism shown during the liquidation of gangs, Guard Lieutenant Alexander Viktorovich Solomatin was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

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