Sergey Vladimirovich


Sergey Vladimirovich Grishin was a Colonel of the Soviet Army, partisan of the Great Patriotic War, the Hero of the Soviet Union. Sergey Vladimirovich Grishin was called up to serve in the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army in 1939. He graduated from officer training courses in 1941. From the first days of the Great Patriotic War he commanded a tank platoon. Once he was surrounded by the enemy and made his way to his native village, where he created an underground group, which in November 1941 grew into a partisan detachment «Thirteen». Grishin participated in the liberation of Dorogobuzh as a part of a partisan unit in February 1942. From March 1942 the detachment began a raid on the Smolensk region, and from May 1943 it started on the Belarusian SSR. Already in June 1942, the detachment grew into a special partisan regiment «Thirteen», in April 1944 grew into a special partisan unit «Thirteen». Only in 1943, the regiment fought 1,500 kilometers, defeating 40 enemy garrisons, destroying and capturing more than 14 thousand enemy soldiers and officers. Grishin’s partisans blew up 333 railway echelons, 2 armored trains, more than 1,000 vehicles, 9 tanks and armored vehicles, 97 bridges, 2 railway stations and a number of other objects. On May 1, 1944, the «Thirteen» compound numbered 1,530 fighters, fully armed and provided with ammunition. From January 1944, before joining the Red Army, the operational group of the SMERSH Counterintelligence Directorate «Zaporozhtsy» under the command of State Security captain N. N. Selyuk was also based on the S. V. Grishin partisan unit. In June 1944, the «Thirteen» unit conducted an operation to destroy the garrison of the French Volunteer Legion in the village of Krucha in the Kruglyansky district of the Mogilev region, distinguished by exceptional cruelty in punitive actions against the local population, 170 French legionnaires were killed in the battle. In July 1944, the «Thirteen» formation joined with units of the 5th Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front. After the end of the war, Grishin continued to serve in the Soviet Army. In 1947 he graduated from Frunze Military Academy, in 1955 – the Military Academy of the General Staff. In 1955-1958 Grishin was the head of the department of the Army staff. In 1949-1953 and since 1958  he taught at higher military educational institutions.

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