Alexey Alekseevich


Alexey Alekseevich Artamonov was a Soviet military pilot, lieutenant, the Hero of the Soviet Union. In January 1939 he was drafted into the Red Army. In March 1940 he graduated with honors from the 1st Kachin Red Banner Military Aviation School of Pilots named after A.F. Myasnikov, was awarded the rank of lieutenant. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War since June 1941. In early July, the regiment relocated to the Nosikovka field airfield (near the town of Zhmerinka) at the disposal of the commander of the 45th mixed aviation division. He supported ground troops on the right flank of the Southern Front. From the second half of July, he operated in the Kiev, Pervomaisky and Odessa directions in the defence zone of the 6th, 12th and 18th armies. In the conditions of withdrawal of ground troops, the regiment often changed its home airfields. He made 37 combat sorties on an I-16 fighter (mostly to attack enemy ground troops), shot down an enemy bomber Yu-88 in air battles as a part of a group. On July 30, 1941 Lieutenant Alexey Artamonov was at the airfield as a part of the duty flight. At the end of the day, an enemy air scout Hs-126 appeared over the airfield. A. Artamonov was the first to take to the air to intercept the Henschel. Seeing the fighter, the Fascist pilot increased his speed and turned to the west. After 5 minutes Artamonov caught up with him. The air gunner opened fire on the fighter. Choosing the most advantageous position, Artamonov fired a machine-gun burst from a short distance which pierced the fuselage. The Henschel continued to fly. Artamonov approached the scout at a short distance again and opened fire, but after several shots, a burst of fire ended. Then he directed his fighter at the enemy and rammed him. The impact hit the fuselage. The Henschel caught fire and, falling apart, began to fall. When Artamonov was hit, he was seriously wounded and could not use a parachute. Alexey Artamonov was heroically and posthumously awarded the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

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