Alexey Sergeevich


Alexey Sergeyevich Abramov was an aircraft designer, Hero of Socialist Labor (1961), laureate of the Lenin and Stalin Prizes. In 1936 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute, in 1956 he received the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences. Since 1939 he worked in the aviation industry: in 1949-1964 as chief designer in the experimental design bureau OKB-12 created at plant No. 230 in Moscow and since 1964 as head and chief designer of the Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Engineering. Under the scientific and technical leadership of Alexey Abramov, tasks in the field of aviation and rocket technology were solved, control and protection systems for nuclear reactors for the world’s first nuclear power plant, nuclear submarine and nuclear-powered vessel «Lenin» were developed and put into serial production, as well as a system for optimal consumption of fuel components and their synchronization for the first in the world the development of a multi-stage launch vehicle «Sputnik» based on the MBR R-7 and electronic control systems for the consumption of fuel components of combat missiles. He was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor for launching the world’s first man into space in 1961. He was awarded 3 Orders of Lenin, Orders of the October Revolution, the Red Banner of Labor and other awards.

Address: Moscow, Mira Prospekt, 125