Alexey Sergeevich


Alexey Sergeevich Kostin was a battery commander of the 86th Red Banner Heavy Howitzer Artillery Brigade, the Hero of the Soviet Union. After graduating from the Novosibirsk Institute of National Economy, he worked as the head of the personnel training and distribution department of the Novosibirsk Regional Trade Department. He served in the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army in 1938-1940. Kostin was re-drafted into the army in July 1941. He had been at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War since May 1943. He participated in the Battle of Kursk, the liberation of the Byelorussian SSR, Poland, the crossing of the Dnieper, the Vistula and the Oder. Captain Alexey Kostin commanded the battery of the 86th heavy howitzer Artillery Brigade of the 5th Artillery Division of the breakthrough of the 4th Artillery Corps of the breakthrough of the 3rd Shock Army of the 1st Belorussian Front in April, 1945. He distinguished himself during the Berlin operation. At night on April, 20-21, in 1945 Kostin’s battery as part of the 1st Division of Major B. P. Kirpikov was one of the first to reach the motorway near the village of Bloomberg, 15 kilometers northeast of Berlin. In the night battle, 2 tanks and a large number of enemy soldiers and officers were killed. The battery took up positions and began shelling Berlin on April 21. During the battles for Berlin, Kostin successfully led the actions of his battery and other batteries of the division, including correcting their fire on the Reichstag. After the end of the war Kostin continued to serve in the Soviet Army. In 1947 he graduated the Higher Artillery Officer School, in 1955 – advanced training courses for officers. Alexey Kostin was transferred to the reserve in 1956.

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