Nikolay Dmitrievich


Nikolai Dmitrievich Ivanov was a Soviet naval aviation torpedo bomber pilot, the Hero of the Soviet Union. He was called up to serve in the USSR Navy in October 1939. In June 1941 he graduated the S.A. Levanevsky Naval Aviation School in the city of Nikolaev. At first, he was sent to the 2nd Reserve Aviation Regiment (located in the Kuibyshev region), where he perfected the specialty of an air shooter-bombardier. He had been participating in the Great Patriotic War since 1941 as a bombardier, a navigator of an aircraft, a flight and a squadron of the 1st Guards mine-torpedo aviation regiment. He fought in the Baltic sky, defended Leningrad, participated in breaking the blockade in 1943 and its complete lifting in 1944, dropped a large number of mines on the fairways of Fascist military shipping and in ports. During the war, Ivanov flew 156 sorties, sinking 2 more transports personally and 1 as a part of a group. He also sank 7 transports with a total displacement of 38 thousand tons. Two minesweepers and a submarine, as well as a transport with a displacement of 12 thousand tons, were sunk in a pair. After the Victory he continued his service in the naval aviation. In 1949 he graduated the Krasnodar Higher Officer School of Navigators of the Air Force. He served as a squadron navigator in the 567th Guards and 52nd Guards mine-torpedo aviation regiments of the 5th Navy in the Pacific Ocean. Since January 1952 he was a navigator of the 52nd Guards mine-torpedo Aviation Regiment. From February 1953 he studied at the Academy. In 1955 he graduated from the Naval Academy of Shipbuilding and Armament named after A. N. Krylov, returned to his regiment to his former position. In September 1956, Guard Major Nikolai Dmitrievich Ivanov was transferred to the reserve. Then he lived in Leningrad, worked as an instructor of fire prevention of professional fire protection of the Moscow district of Leningrad. Later he moved to Zelenograd. While he was in reserve, he was awarded the military rank of lieutenant colonel in 1974.

Address: Moscow, Zelenograd, 14th microdistrict, bldg. 1454