Victor Alexandrovich


Victor Alexandrovich Malyshev was a commander of the machine gun squad of the 300th Guards Rifle Regiment, the Hero of the Soviet Union. Нe studied at the Frunze Infantry School until July 1943. Then he served as a squad commander in the 13th Guards Airborne Brigade and in the 300th Guards Rifle Regiment from January 1944. He was a squad commander and assistant platoon commander of the 300th Guards Rifle Regiment in June-August 1944. He participated in the Svir-Petrozavodsk operation. During artillery training under the breakthrough of enemy defence on the Svir River near the city of Lodeynoye Pole (Leningrad Region) on June 21, 1944 he participated in demonstration actions as the part of a group of 12 soldiers of the regiment to simulate crossing the river in order to open the enemy fire system. 6 rafts with stuffed animals installed on them were launched into the water and transported to the other bank by our fighters. The purpose of the operation was to attract enemy fire, which was detected and suppressed by our artillery. After an enemy shell smashed the raft being transported, Malyshev reached the opposite bank of the river by boat, where he opened automatic fire, destroying several enemy soldiers. He studied at the Advanced Training Courses for officers of the Airborne Forces in August 1944 – March 1945 and at the Leningrad Naval Preparatory School in March-July 1945. Also, he served as a commander of the forecastle and a chief of artillery reconnaissance of the artillery division (in the Baltic Fleet). He was transferred to the reserve in December 1945.

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