Raisa Alexandrovna


Raisa Aleksandrovna Khvostova was a legendary Soviet intelligence officer. She was born in the family of a career military man in Moscow in 1926. She graduated the school of radio scouts in Sormovo (Gorky) and was sent to the 2nd Ukrainian Front to complete the task in February 1943. She was behind enemy lines three times. Raisa Khvostova’s plane was hit by an enemy anti-aircraft missile in February 1944. She jumped out of the burning plane, injured, but she managed to escape from pursuit. Performing the last task in Moldova, Raisa Khvostova was caught by the Romanian police, then she was transferred to the Gestapo. Raisa Aleksandrovna Khvostova went through interrogations and torture and was sentenced to hanging. The sentence was not carried out in time because the Red Army units came to Moldova and saved her. Raisa Alexandrovna received eight wounds during the war. She was awarded the Orders of the Patriotic War I and II degrees, the Red Star, the medal «For Military Merit», the Medal of Honor of Military intelligence. She lived in Zelenograd and headed the district Council of veterans from 1996 to 2010.

Address: Moscow, 15-y mikrorayon, Zelenograd