Andrey Borisovich


Andrey Borisovich Yumashev was a test pilot, the Major General of Aviation, the Hero of the Soviet Union. Since 1918 he was in the army. Since the end of 1919, he was a cadet of the 2nd Petrograd Artillery courses. He was the participant of the Civil War: in October 1920-1921 – a fighter of the artillery division on the Southern Front. In 1921 he graduated from the 7th Sevastopol Artillery Courses and served in the artillery until the end of 1922. In 1923 he graduated from Egorievsk Military Theoretical Aviation School, in 1924 – the Borisoglebsk Military Aviation School of Pilots and the Serpukhov Higher School of Air Combat, Shooting and Bombing. In 1925 he designed and built the Yu-1 glider, which he used to participate in 3 All-Union glider competitions in Koktebel. In 1926-1927 he was an instructor pilot at the Serpukhov Higher School of Air Combat, Shooting and Bombing. In September 1928, on the “Gamayun” glider, for the first time in the country, he carried out soaring in a thermal flow; he set two All-Union glider records. Since 1927, he was a test pilot at Air Force Research Institute. He took to the sky and conducted tests of the experimental aircraft “Steel-6”, took part in state tests of fighters I-3, I-4, I-7, scouts R-3, R-6, R-7, bombers TB-1 bis, TB-3, “Steel-7”, Pe-8, ANT-9 passenger aircraft. He set three world aviation records for carrying capacity on a TB-3 aircraft. On July 12-14, 1937, as a co-pilot on an ANT–25 aircraft (crew commander – M.M. Gromov, navigator – S.A. Danilin), he made a non–stop flight Moscow – North Pole – San Jacinto (USA) with a length of 10,148 km (flight time – 62 hours 17 minutes). Three world aviation flight range records were set (one of them is absolute). The entire crew (the first among domestic aviators) was awarded the de Lavaux Medals (FAI awards) and the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Since 1937 he was a test pilot of TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute), he tested experimental high-altitude aircraft BOK-7 and BOK-15. He was the participant of the Soviet-Finnish war. Since March 1941 he was the Deputy Head of the Flight Research Institute for the flight unit. In July-August 1941 he commanded the 2nd separate fighter aviation squadron, which took part in repelling night raids on Moscow. He was the participant of the Great Patriotic War: in 1942 – Commander of the 237th Fighter Aviation Regiment, then Deputy commander of the 3rd Air Army and the 1st Air Army. Since 1945 – Head of the Fighter Aviation Department of the Main Directorate of Combat Training of the Air Force. Since 1946, Aviation Major General A.B. Yumashev was in reserve. He was awarded 2 Orders of Lenin, 5 Orders of the Red Banner, Orders of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the Red Star and other awards, including the de Laveau Medal (FAI).

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