Mikhail Sergeevich


Mikhail Sergeevich Babushkin was a pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union. Mikhail Babushkin was born near the village of Losinoostrovsky in the family of a forest watchman. In his youth, he worked as an apprentice in a shop, a projectionist, and at the same time participated in competitions in an exotic, new sport – football. Then he was trained and worked as an auto mechanic. On May 21, 1937, an airplane landed at the North Pole for the first time in the world. The giant ANT-6 aircraft, piloted by the commander of the ship Hero of the Soviet Union M.V. Vodopyanov and co-pilot M.S. Babushkin, delivered equipment and members of the expedition of the North Pole-1 drifting station to the ice. For his courage and heroism, M. S. Babushkin was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union on June 27, 1937. He died in 1938 in a car accident. The monument in honor of Mikhail Sergeevich Babushkin is a bust made of concrete and painted with paint. Mikhail Sergeevich Babushkin Babushkin is depicted in a flight uniform. The bust is mounted on a granite pedestal, on which is fixed a commemorative copper plaque with the inscription in slotted letters: «Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Sergeyevich Babushkin. Polar pilot, pioneer of the development of the North. 7 X 1893 – 18 V 1938».

Address: Moscow, Menzhinsky str., 6 (PCiO “Babushkinsky”)