Chapel-Monument to Spanish volunteers

The monument to “Spanish volunteers who fought in the ranks of the Red Army and died in the fight against fascism during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” was opened in 2003. It is located in the western part of Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora. In 1936-1939, Soviet soldiers and officers took part in the war in Spain, from where fascism began its bloody march across Europe. After the fighting, many Spanish children were orphaned and were sent to the Soviet Union, where they found a new Homeland. When the Great Patriotic War began, the natives of Spain could not stay away. Several hundred Spanish volunteers fought in the Red Army, many of whom died. The seven-meter granite chapel in the Catalan style was designed by the Soviet architect, Spaniard Antonio Mije. The author of the monument was taken to Russia as a child during the war. Here he received an architectural education, worked at the design institute. According to his plan, the Palace of Pioneers in Vladivostok was also built. Antonio Mije considered the Moscow chapel to be the most important work of his life which was installed in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora in memory of the Spaniards who fought against fascism.

Address: Moscow, Victory Park