Evgeny Alekseevich


Evgeny Alekseevich Ivanov was an aircraft designer, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Hero of the Soviet Union (1976), winner of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR. In 1936 he graduated from the evening department of the Moscow Machine-Building Institute, after which he headed a group in the association «Giproaviaprom». Later he worked at plant No. 207 of the People’s Commissariat of the Aviation Industry of the USSR, worked his way up from the head of the technical department to the chief technologist of the plant. Since 1939 he worked as the chief engineer of the plant. During this time he worked closely with the general designer P.O. Sukhoi, led the creation and implementation of technologies for the serial production of aircraft of his Design Bureau. In 1940-1949 he took part in the creation of aircrafts: Su-1 – Su-12, Su-15, Su-17, UTB, Er-2. Since November 1949 he had worked as chief engineer of the flight test and finishing base of the Tupolev Design Bureau in Zhukovsky. In May 1953 he was appointed Chief Designer, Acting Director and Chief engineer of the plant in the Sukhoi Design Bureau system, and in 1959 he became his deputy. Under the leadership of E.A. Ivanov in the Design Bureau of P.O. Sukhoi created fighter-interceptors Su-11, Su-15TM, Su-27, fighter-bomber Su-17, bomber Su-24, attack aircraft Su-25 and their modifications. He was actively engaged not only in design and production work, but also in scientific activity, in 1970 he defended his doctoral dissertation. During his work as Deputy General Designer at the Design Bureau, new design methods were developed and implemented using electronic computers and computer-aided design systems (for the first time in the Soviet aircraft industry).

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