Headquarters and Political Department of the 5th Moscow Rifle Division of the People’s Militia Were Located in This Building

The 5th Moscow Rifle Division of the Frunzenskiy district was formed from October 15 to October 20, 1941. The commander was Colonel S.E. Isaev, military commissar was regimental Commissar I.I. Mikhailov. Since January 19, 1942 it started to be named as 158th Rifle Division, its honorary name was Lioznenskoye-Vitebskoe twice Krasnoznamennaya of the Order of Suvorov. The division was assigned the 3rd combat section, it included the South-Western Group of troops for the Defense of Moscow, 2nd brigade of Moscow workers. Their composition, in turn, included the 6th, 8th, 9th rifle regiments, the artillery regiment, the 2nd artillery regiment, separate units and special forces. The headquarters and political department of the 5th Moscow Rifle Division were located on Vorobyevsky sh., 2. At the end of October, from the fighter battalions of the Dzerzhinskiy, Krasnopresnenskiy, Kirovskiy, Rostokinskiy, Leningradskiy, Proletarskiy, Pervomaiskiy, Sverdlovskiy, Oktyabrskiy, Timiryazevskiy, Zheleznodorozhniy districts of Moscow and Ukhtomskiy, Lotoshinskiy districts of the Moscow region was created 2nd brigade of Moscow workers, renamed on November 14 to the 5th Moscow Rifle Division. Parts of it stood at the boundary of Kuntsevo – Lyubertsy. Erecting fortifications, they guarded the Maloyaroslavets, Kiev and Naro-Fominsk highways. Later, when the enemy came close to Moscow in some directions, the division turned around on defensive positions in the strip Kievskiy railway station – Ochakovo – Peredelkino – Cheryomushki – Teply Stan – Gorodishche. In mid-February 1942, by order of the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command, the division was relocated to the Kalininskiy Front. Shortly before being sent to the combat area near Rzhev, it was transformed into the 158th Rifle Division.

Address: Moscow, Kosygina str., 2, p. 19