Ivan Pavlovich


Ivan Pavlovich Bratukhin was a scientist and designer in helicopter construction, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, winner of the Stalin Prize (1946), Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR (1964). He graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 1930. Ivan Pavlovich Bratukhin and other students were sent on a business trip abroad for pre-graduate practice to familiarize themselves with the design of gyroplanes in 1928. In 1932 he became an associate professor at MAI. He began to engage rotorcraft (gyroplanes and helicopters) in the department of special designs of TsAGI. In 1940 he headed the helicopter-building experimental design bureau at MAI, where under his leadership a number of experienced and produced small series of helicopters were created: Omega (1941), Omega-II (1944), G-3 (1945), G-4 (1946), B-5 (1947), B-11 (1948) and others. The G-3 or «Artillery Fire Spotter» became the first production helicopter in the USSR. In October 1951, the I.P. Bratukhin Design Bureau was disbanded. In 1953, he headed the research of promising heavy transport helicopters with a payload capacity of up to 60 tons with a jet compressor drive of the main rotor and with a turbofan engine at the ends of the blades, which began at TsAGI. In 1954, a design group to develop an amphibious transport VTOL was organized at the Department of Helicopter Design and Engineering, MAI. The project was carried out under the supervision of Academician B.N. Yuryev and I.P. Bratukhin.

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