Mikhail Makarovich


Mikhail Makarovich Bondaryuk was a scientist and designer of aviation and rocket engines, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor. He graduated from MAI, worked as an engineer, head of department, deputy chief designer at the Research Institute of the Civil Air Fleet in 1930. He was sent on a business trip to Italy, where he worked in the commission for the acceptance of aircraft engines in 1932. In April 1941, an experimental design bureau (EKB-3) for subsonic ramjet engines (RAMJET) was established at the Research Institute of the GVF, which he headed. In 1944 EKB-3 was transformed into the department of ramjet engines, then into KB–2 as a part of the Research Institute-1 of the People’s Commissariat of Aviation Industry, in 1950 it became an independent OKB-670 (since 1967 – «Red Star»), M.M. Bondaryuk remained its chief designer until the end of his life. He designed and tested RAMJET engines for aircraft in 1944, and in the late 1940s he switched to equipping unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, anti-aircraft guided missiles and cruise missiles with such engines. He developed an engine for the first Russian coastal defence missile «Storm» since 1948. Mikhail Makarovich Bondaryuk conducted the first engine tests on a two-stage ballistic missile in 1952. Since 1954, he led the development of powerful supersonic ramjet engines for strategic intercontinental cruise missiles «Storm» designed by S.A. Lavochkin and «Buran» designed by V.M. Myasishchev. In the 1960s, he worked on the creation of a Buk nuclear power plant for military spacecraft, but died soon after. The installation was tested and adopted after his death in 1970. He taught at MAI, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy for many years. Also, he was an author of works and textbooks on ramjet engines.

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