Monument “City Hero of the Soviet Union”

There is a memorial complex dedicated to the Great Patriotic War at the intersection of Yeseninsky Boulevard with the Street of Young Leninists. The memorial includes a Monument to the Soldier-Liberator, a sculptural composition “People of the World, stand up for a minute” and a monument to “Home Front Workers during the war.” There is also a memorial sign in honor of the Hero Cities of the Soviet Union. It was installed in 2008 in honor of the Hero Cities, a memorial sign with earth capsules brought from these cities was unveiled. The composition consists of two stelas made of white stone, with the names of Hero Cities engraved on it, memorial stones and a fountain. Hero City is the highest degree of distinction awarded to cities for the mass heroism and courage of its defenders shown in the Great Patriotic War. For the first time, the cities of Leningrad, Stalingrad, Sevastopol and Odessa were officially named hero cities in Order № 20 of the Supreme Commander of May 1, 1945. Kiev was named a hero city in the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated June 21, 1961 “On the establishment of the medal “For the Defence of Kiev””. The regulations on the honorary title “Hero City” were approved later, on May 8, 1965, by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. On the same day, seven decrees were issued, according to which Leningrad and Kiev were awarded the Gold Star Medal, Volgograd (former Stalingrad), Sevastopol and Odessa were awarded the Gold Star Medal and the Order of Lenin, and Moscow and the Brest Fortress were awarded the title of Hero City and Hero Fortress for the first time accordingly, with the presentation of the Gold Star medal and the Order of Lenin. The opening of the memorial complex “Hero Cities of the Soviet Union” was timed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Victory. The creation of the complex took place with the participation of the Kuzminki district Council, the All-Russian Council of War and Labor Veterans, the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The memorial complex “Hero Cities” is a monument of two marble pylons on which a waving flag is installed. The names of hero cities of the Soviet Union are carved on each of the pylons.

Address: Moscow, Kuzminki district