Monument “Warrior-liberator”

There is a memorial complex dedicated to the Great Patriotic War at the intersection of Yeseninsky Boulevard with the Street of Young Leninists. The memorial includes a Monument to the Warrior-Liberator, a memorial sign in honor of the Hero Cities, a sculptural composition “People of the World, stand up for a minute” and a monument to “Home Front Workers during the war.” The monument to the Warrior-Liberator was installed in 2006. It is a bronze figure of a Soviet infantryman in a cap and a raincoat tent. Behind the warrior’s right shoulder is a machine gun, the belt of which he supports with his hand. The sculpture is mounted on a pedestal in the shape of a five–pointed star – the symbol of the Soviet Army, lined with slabs of red polished granite. To the right and left of the pedestal there are two retaining walls, also lined with slabs of red granite. Granite overlay boards with the dates of the beginning and end of the Great Patriotic War applied to them in the technique of planar ornament are installed on the walls.

Address: Moscow, Kuzminki district