Monument dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Long-range aviation

The monument is a composition of figures of pilots from three eras: the moment of the foundation of Russian aviation, the times of the Great Patriotic War and modern aviation. Three epochs of the development of long-range aviation are represented by images of Ilya Muromets aircraft (World War I), TB-7 (Great Patriotic War) and the flagship of today’s aviation TU-160, flying against the background of the globe. The pilot of the imperial time is dressed in a fur-lined flight jacket, helmet, leggings, breeches and boots, he has a dirk on his belt, and the Order of St. George on his chest. A Soviet pilot is a Hero of the Soviet Union dressed in a Stalin-era uniform. The modern pilot stands in the center, acting as a link between the other two, and firmly and intently peering into the sky. The pilots stand against the background of a map of the country surrounded by a laurel wreath. The motto of Long-range aviation is inscribed around the wreath: «Skill. Courage. Dignity. Honor». An imperial double-headed eagle crowns the map. The bronze composition is mounted on a low granite pedestal.

Architect: I. N. Voskresensky

Sculptor: S. A. Shcherbakov

Materials: bronze, granite

Year of installation: 2014

Address: Moscow, Devichy Pole Square