to graduates and employees of the Academy who died in the battles for the Motherland

The monument is a composition of a stele and a dedication wall. The stele, located in the foreground (on the left side of the pedestal), has a rectangular shape and is lined with slabs of polished gray granite. On the front side of the stele there is an inscription made in bronze letters: “To graduates and employees of the Academy who died in the battles for the Motherland.” Above the inscription is a bronze star and a stylized image of a laurel branch. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the need for command and engineering personnel had sharply increased, the role of military educational institutions had increased enormously. Air Force Academy named after N.E. Zhukovsky also faced new responsible tasks. The combat situation immediately led to a radical restructuring of the entire life and activities of the Academy. Already in July 1941, the Academy produced two early graduates of senior students in the number of 595 people and switched to a shortened training period for engineering personnel. The Academy had made a significant contribution to the development of aviation science and technology, had convincingly shown that during the war the scientific qualifications of scientists had increased and, despite the difficulties of wartime, the Academy had grown significantly as a center of scientific and technical thought. During the war, 120 people of the faculty, engineering, technical and managerial staff were awarded orders and medals of the Soviet Union.

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