Monument to Militiamen, Employees of the «Calibr» Plant, Participants of the Defence of Moscow 1941

The 13th Moscow Rifle Division of the People’s Militia the Rostokinskiy District was formed from July 3 to July 6, 1941. The division commander is Colonel P.E. Morozov, head of the department at Military Academy named after M.V. Frunze, the military commissar is P.G. Tarasov. The Rostokinskiy division began to be formed from volunteers of the Rostokinskiy district (now these are the districts of Rostokino, Alekseevskiy, Ostankinskiy, Marfino and Meshchanskiy) – employees of the Kalibr plant, workers of the tram depot named after Bauman, the Ressora plant, the Mekhkombinat, the Goznak printing house, the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, teachers and students of schools № 270 and № 284, students and teachers of VGIK. The centres of the division’s formation were the building of the district committee of the CPSU (b) (11, Sretenka Street), school № 270 (now it is the building of school № 1539 in Malomoskovskaya Street), Moscow Financial Institute. By the evening of July 3, more than 1,000, and on July 4 over 10,000 people signed up for the People`s Militia. On the territory of the Kalibr plant (currently the Kalibr Technopark, 9, Godovikova str.) in 1959, a memorial was erected in memory of the factory workers who fought for Moscow in the ranks of the 13th Moscow Division of the People’s Militia of the Rostokinsky district. The monument bears the words: «Eternal glory to the militia, employees of the Kalibr Plant, who were participants in the defence of Moscow in 1941». There is the Alley of Heroes with busts of Heroes of the Soviet Union who worked at the Calibr plant before the Great Patriotic War: I.V. Bochkov, S.K. Godovikov, I.A. Dokukin, D.M. Lebedev, V.N. Leonov, V.N. Dyatlov, V.V. Markov, D.S. Nikolaev, V.E. Pavlyuk.  Today the streets of the capital bear their names.

Address: Moscow, Godovikova str., 9, p. 1